BULLETPROOF: The lost files – 5

This was the last lyric I ever wrote until this day.
It never got rehearsed with the band, and to tell you the truth it was a bit remodeled to be posted here. I guess this lyric probably doesn’t have much to do with the concept of this posts…I’m just letting go some of my old demons, you know.

Anyway, the majority of the following words were written when I first started paying a lot of attention to Blacklisted, specially the lyrics. Nowadays I’m much more into introspective lyrics, stuff that goes into the overall human condition and makes me relate to the honest words of another human being with the same doubts and dilemmas, but on those days it was something new to me…I was still learning to put my own life experiences and hardships in words.

I guess I can say this is one of the lyrics with my later style, showing a negative outlook on things but at the same time delivering a light in the dark at the end. That’s kinda like my process of transferring stuff into words…I start with the bad, along the way I get done with it, and then I reflect on the good and try to stick with it.

Reckless Dance

Lost soul trapped in a tale of despair
Played all my cards in this game of solitaire
No sleep will wake me from this nightmare
Can’t lie, I was always aware
Of consequences, rights and wrongs
But this world keeps taking what keeps me strong
This restless sensation of desperation
Stopped only by deprivation
Of satisfaction for its own sake
The last thing you taught me:  “a cold heart is never at stake”
But I’d rather loose it all than die a fake

I know beneath sheets lie secrets and feelings get put on hold
So many empty promises made under sparkles of gold
Fuck the mistakes, I’ve done my share
Some things in life you just can’t repair
But I can’t lie, I still care
Relieve me from my sorrows, deliver them to the ones I’ve hurt
So tired of digging in this fucking dirt…
This place is lost, these faces are dead
Lie after lie is all I’ll ever get
Two decades to realize the truth was never out there
The question remains but no one truly cares

What is the ultimate last chance,
For someone who stopped believing in this reckless dance?

All the ones who got lost and never found
Between shattered dreams and open wounds
The ones who held it on ‘till the very last round
All of those who still believe
That happiness is worth to achieve
Remember this one thing:
You only get something if you’re willing to give

P.S.: Since I’m done with the lyrics, next time I’m gonna try to upload some old footage of the band. But I ain’t making any promises!


2 Responses to “BULLETPROOF: The lost files – 5”

  1. 1 vanessa 7 July, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    pois dava,tenho noçao disso ahahaha!
    acho que foi a melhor opçao ó horrivel!!!
    homem do porcoooo 😉

  2. 2 limpa_vias 7 July, 2009 at 11:25 pm

    e decorar isto pa cantar num show?? ahahah!

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