The Truth Hurts

“It seems to be that people within this genre of music struggle with their social identity now more than ever. It seems to be making people in the scene just latch on to the latest thing and trying to ride the wave and remain faceless so they can eventually feel some quick and easy form of acceptance.” George Hirsch @ The Truth Hurts. Part One Continued…

Recently I’ve been reading the blog of Joe Hardcore (some of you may know him from Shattered Realm, he’s the vocals), and I’ve been finding some real inspiring words over there. Joe is truly commited to hardcore and is one of those guys that really step it up and do their share for the community.

Since I talked ’bout Blacklisted in my previous post, and I already quoted one of their lyrics here, I decided to link this interview with George, the frontman of the band.
It’s without a doubt one of the most honest, inspiring and relevant readings about hardcore that I ever had the luck to find, and I beg all my visitors, at least the ones into hardcore, to read it and educate themselves with George’s words.

There’s also much more stuff in Joe’s blog that deservers attention, particularly all the other interviews with relevant people from american hardcore (Freddy from Madball spits some words on an interview too, check it).

Bellow I leave you with the footage from a Blacklisted show earlier this year:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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