In case you haven’t noticed, some modifications took place up here in my spot.

Concerning the categories, there is a new one called Books, and there are also 2 new sub-categories in the Music department, one for Reviews and the other one for Videos.
These changes happen because first of all I write to myself and many of this posts are a way to keep track of my personal opinions and stuff that I like, so I gotta keep it organized. Also I wanted to write more ’bout what I read, so the new category comes in handy, and finally I noticed that a lot of posts were being put under the Music category without anything separating them.
Other than that, all the posts containing interviews  coming from other places were moved to the respective category, since that was my first intention with the specific category of Interviews.

Oh, and starting from this post, all hyperlinks inside the posts will be in blue. Just a soft aesthetic choice that I think suits better the overall color theme over here.


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