The Narrows

Second film I presented yesterday, but this one I had the opportunity to actually watch rather than just meeting the director and having a small talk with him.

The Narrows is what I would call a typical American gangster story but with a modern touch. Think of The Sopranos.

The cast includes some known faces from TV series and small roles in other movies and the story is placed in Brooklyn NY, where a young man with a love for photography deals with a duality in his life, trapped between the criminality of his Italian neighborhood and a partial scholarship at the NY University.
The story has all the cliché elements (the outsider girl, the love scene, the mafioso murder scene, etc.) so it often becomes predictable, but at the same time these elements give a consistency to the film that I wasn’t expecting in an independent production.

It’s a film that doesn’t bring anything new to the genre, but still gets the job done and delivers an enjoyable story.

A solid movie that I advice everyone to see, although I know it’s off the mainstream circuit. If you dig The Sopranos  (soundtrack and driving scenes resemble the series a lot), The Black Donnellys and all the old school gangster movies you will enjoy it. The editing and the acting are definitely a plus and the photography is on point.

As for the director, François Velle, he’s a really nice man with a lof of experience from more than 20 years in the film industry. We talked a bit about the life in NY, the old costumes and neighborhoods that are slowly disappearing mainly due to the gentrification.
He recommended I visit the Astoria, the neighborhood where they shot some of scenes for this movie and which according to him still preserves that old school NY working class hood feeling.




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