Entre nos

Two days ago I met a special girl.

When she was little, she had a tough period in her life, which even lead her into living on the streets with her mother and her brother, picking up recyclable trash to sell for a bargain and get some money to survive.
Nowadays she is an actress and a film directress, and is competing in the Festival this year with her picture about that specific period in her life. She plays her mother.

I didn’t knew any of this until after I watched the movie. I was shocked when she told me.

The girl’s name is Paola Mendoza, and her movie Entre nos really had an impact on me.
I don’t even remember the last time I got touched by the story in a drama film…but it’s always amazing when something has the power to reach in the deep corner of your soul like that.
I firstly realized this after I reflected upon Forrest Gump, probably the first movie ever that made me cry.

But about the movie of this review, although competing on the North-American Independents section, most of the dialogs are in Spanish. It was shot in Queens NY but at the first look I thought it was placed in a South American border to the USA. Paola later told me the color was not supposed to be like it was in the screening, and that’s why I got the wrong idea.

Considering the low budget and the fact that it’s an independent production, I must say it’s a very good work. The technical details get the job done helping tell the story, with a special spotlight on the make-up, which contributes a lot to build up the tension on some scenes.

But the true force in Entre nos is the story and the acting…Paola did a terrific job in the acting and in the casting, finding 2 amazing children to act as her son and daughter in the movie. She leads us through the whole movie as the main character and the feelings and emotions reach out and touch us…you feel the frustration, the struggle, the desperation, the sadness…it all becomes real on screen.
And when a movie does this, you know you got it right.

I also gotta mention Paola isn’t single in the directors chair, since this film was co-directed with Gloria La Morte. And they both did a terrific job cause some scenes, specially the ones with no dialog, are really well captured.

I will be interviewing Paola this week, to talk not only ’bout the movie but also about the courage of her mother and her family and her life experience.  I mean, coming from such a rough past and becoming a film maker is something simply amazing that needs to be told.

So expect a really good post soon ;).




2 Responses to “Entre nos”

  1. 1 maria 9 September, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    Agora fiquei curiosa para ver o filme!***

  2. 2 Tim 9 September, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    Que boa experiencia que estás a ter!

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