Playlist #3

I’ve been working my ass on the Festroia, meeting directors and ambassadors, presenting films and dealing with the hardships of movie screenings, so I haven’t been listening to a big bunch of music this week.
Still I leave you the few albums that reached any near my ears in the past few days:

Dr. Dre The Chronic – Drive-by music, or just drive-the-festivals-van music.

Muse Origin of Symmetry – There’s hardly a mainstream band with such a distinct sound as Muse. You can love them or hate them, but you ain’t gonna find many stuff sounding any near this album.
Not my favorite album of them, but surely the one who marked the uprising of the band, I’d say due to the freshness in the melodies.

She Wants Revenge She Wants Revenge – “Joy Division with an updated touch” is the first thing that comes to your mind hearing this album, but for me it’s much more than that. It’s one of my stress-relievers and gets me into a relaxed rhythm.

Raekwon Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II – This, my dear readers, is the rap album of the year. This has been playing on repeat on my mp3 player for two whole days, and I’m still trying to catch up with every track and every line…But I dare to say it really is the righteous sequel to the first part.
Not only The Chef goes off hard, but he managed to get a colossal amount of quality in each of the feature appearances. Ghost throws more intensity in this album than in his last one, and don’t get me started on the other Wu…just listen to it. I got it from here, thanks Miguel.


3 Responses to “Playlist #3”

  1. 1 hermano 11 September, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    sabes bem que she wants revenge é amor!

  2. 2 A Constant Refrain 11 September, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    sim é old, mas tal como tu nao sabia do video nem do doc, por isso resolvi postar 😛

  3. 3 Limpa Vias 12 September, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    sabes! esse album do raekwon tá tão bom. cá tambem passa em repeat.

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