Get a job

Measuring by my recent post affluence, my more usual readers must be thinking “is he dead or what?”, but no, I’m alive and kicking, the thing is…I’m getting a job.

And guess what? It was easy.
Yes, with a big national crisis and unemployment raising everyday, all I had to do to get a job was go on the web, search a few sites, make 3 or 4 applications, and I got a call right on the next day.
The interview was basically dressing nice, being polite, being able to express myself and communicate, and doing 3 tests that I thought were more suited for a 9 year old.
One hour after the interview I received a call from my job interviewer saying I got the job and was up for formation.

This got me thinking: “why the fuck is everyone complaining, especially people my age?“. My conclusions: either young people are dumb or they just don’t know how to act accordingly and cannot communicate.

I mean, even when it comes down to the simple aspect of appearance, I was only applying for a part-time telecommunications shop assistant spot, but still I put on a shirt and some caqui pants…when I got there I saw dudes on ripped-off jeans, like they were on a night out…c’mon people.
And during the group interviews, the girl directly competing for my spot even told the interviewer “well, I think he’s better suited for the job but…”. I had to control myself just to avoid bursting into laughs.

So to make this post useful rather than just talking ’bout my experience, I leave you with some tips about getting a job:

  1. Make a synthetic, well organized and out-of-the-normal looking curriculum. It’s amazing what an Helvetica font and some minimalistic aesthetics can do for the eye.
  2. Dress nice and do your grooming. Not too formal, like a suit and tie (unless you’re applying for a job in an insurance company or a bank lol), but don’t fall into the mistake of dressing like your going get some drinks with the homies.
  3. Be polite. It doesn’t hurt to say “thank you” when someone hands you a pen, or to open a door for a lady, specially if that lady is your job interviewer.
  4. Know how to communicate. You may be the best guy for the job, but the interviewer isn’t going to guess that solely from looking at your curriculum or from “yes” or “no” answers.
  5. Be yourself, but with restrains. Don’t try to play the funny-guy persona or whatever, just deliver a professional outlook of your personality. Oh, and THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.
  6. Use common sense. Like, if you’re applying for a telecommunications shop, at least say that you’re into technology and know a bit about cellphones and Internet.

That’s it.
All I had to do was this something like this…of course I’m going to an underpaid job, and I still have 10 days of boring formation and shit…but for my first tentative of making some legal extra bucks, I guess I did alright.

Later I’ll post my opinions on the world of corporate business (I hate it already lol), but for now I’ll just try to write some reviews up in here too.


7 Responses to “Get a job”

  1. 1 nuno sb! 21 September, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    curti carai.
    abraço ai

  2. 2 Maria J. Miranda 21 September, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    eu tive a sorte de aprender isso na escola 😛

    mas sim há muita gente que pensa que chega lá e tem a papinha feita :/

  3. 4 akacorleone 22 September, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    hhahah, it is going to eat your soul…

    mas concordo, a minha experiência (a n repetir) no fantástico mundo dos call centers deixou me a mesma ipressão, k só n consegue aquele trabalho quem n quer…

    mas tb na nha opiniao akilo n é trabalho pa fzr carreira, 6 meses consumiram o meu cérebro de tal forma, k no meu aniversário despedi-me c um grande sorriso na cara!

    (situação que está prestes a repetir-se,lol)

  4. 5 Kanye bebado west 22 September, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    yo emanilhas, im really happy for you and imma let you finish, but OPTIMUS is one of the best service communications of all time, OF ALL TIME!!!!!

  5. 7 jobsearchcompanion 30 November, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    It’s good, that it was a piece of cake for you. For many people it doesn’t go so easily. Your advice is right of course, but a little bit superficial. It’s also a big difference, which job are you applying for.


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