The Blueprint 3

After some posts anticipating this album, I felt kinda like compromised to review it over here.

Being this Jay-Z’s 11th studio album, and the third in the Blueprint saga, which alone represents some of his best albums, the bar was clearly high for this release.
Sadly, The Blueprint 3 barely passes the average line. The singles, as usual in mainstream music, lead you into thinking this might surely be a rightful successor to American Gangster, but as soon as you press the play button, you discover that this record isn’t set up for greatness.

The record starts off weak, and we only start hearing something really good on the third track, the already known D.O.A. After this, everything turns into a big mess.

Where “Empire State of Mind”, probably my favorite track, delivers consistency, a nice melody and a great chorus sang by Alicia Keys, the vast majority of the following tracks deliver empty contents and disconnected production.
The track produced by Swizz Beatz has nothing to do with nothing, everything done by Timbaland on this album sounds like played-out-second-choice-beats that probably only stuck to the retail version due to his name as a producer, and same goes for Pharrell…the only one that manages to bring something useful to the whole thing is (obviously) Kanye West, who practically is the savior of the flow of the record. Still he ruins his work with the track “Hate”, completely misplaced and full of gibberish lyrics.

But not all is bad.
Lyrically, tracks like “A Star Is Born” and “Venus Vs. Mars” show a Jay-Z that can go metaphorical and do more than brag ’bout his money and star status. And the last track revealed itself as nice surprise, with the more futuristic production of Kanye West serving as a beautiful layer for some honest words from a man now entering his middle-age. I could almost swear that he did this last joint on freestyle, specially the last minute.

Final words: the failures in terms of production are balanced by the few really good lyrical tracks and some nice efforts done by Kanye on his tracks. Don’t get fooled by the marketing machine and the hyped artists collaborations, it’s not Hova at his best, but it’s still a record that will keep you entertained for a week or two.


1 Response to “The Blueprint 3”

  1. 1 A Constant Refrain 30 September, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    hum, o Jay-Z(eza) devia contratar-te por seres tão bonzinho com ele 🙂 lol.
    que merdum este album, tem 2 ou 3 sons bons vá, mas no geral é cócó.

    mas a gente entende-se lol (L)

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