If you’re into music and art, this post is for you.

Here are some things that came to my knowledge during my small time on the web this week, and I consider to be worth sharing with you all:

Brutal review to the new Every Time I Die album, done by Gonçalo Dias, a man that dominates the written word for sure!

Two great pieces of mind from Ghostface Killah, real and heartfelt talk that reminded me why I love the Wu. His album is out now, still gotta get it (help me out and send me a link).

The Live Debris project. Art serving its social purpose (read the Sobre/About section) . More pictures here.

The amazing colours and shapes in the paintings of Mr. Jago. He has an exhibition going down at the Don Gallery in Milan.

Mother Of Mercy, interesting hardcore band I discovered thanks to the LIFERS blog. My advice: check them and add them.

A picture that once again proves that music has no barriers.

Damn, I had no idea something as big and creative as The BlakRoc Project was coming out. Props to DFLEKTOR blog for posting this video. November 27 is the day.

And finally, but also very worthy of your attention, an hardcore kid making a trip to the other side(s) of the world and posting his experiences on a blog. Feeling envious, but also wishing him a safe travel and best of lucks.

As you obviously noticed, I decided to give a more graphic touch to this post with the help of Mr. Print Screen…since I got to know every content from other places, I decided it was more interesting to give out the links. But don’t get accustomed, it’s just an experimental thing.


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