Wu-Tang Manual

If you’re a fan of the Wu, you gotta get this.

Written by RZA himself, this book explores diverse matters ’bout the group in a very simple and honest way. From their early years and the way they tried to combine different philosophies and skills from the 9 rappers, their uprising and spread in the American music industry, to content explanations of the most famous  lyrics and stories from live performances and recording sessions.
RZA tells us about his work process, how he produced the beats for the first album and how he “controlled” the group in the first years, asking them to commit to the project and working to combine the different members of the Clan in the tracks by understanding the different personalities and how their rhymes connected.

But more than a  book about the Wu-Tang Clan, this is a book about RZA’s vision of life itself. It’s much more introspective than I was expecting and delivers knowledge ’bout his youth years, ’bout how he discovered the whole Shaolin and Kung-Fu stuff…the guy literally talks about almost everything you can imagine that is related to Wu-Tang or himself, even chess techniques are explained and drug consume is brought down to a science.

This is a book full of knowledge, that I absolutely recommend to anyone that has had the slightest contact with the Wu-Tang Clan and has found them amusing by any reason. After reading this book you will understand why this is the most genius rap group that ever existed, and no, it’s not because they have the Genius (GZA).


1 Response to “Wu-Tang Manual”

  1. 1 A Constant Refrain 26 October, 2009 at 2:24 pm

    aleluia! até me emprestavas isso…

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