I hate public transportation on the rush hour. People keep stepping on my sneakers and rarely apologize, and that fucking pisses me off.

So last week, instead of taking a bus or something like that on my way to work, I took my skate cause I had some (long) time to get there on my small 4 wheels. Of course I only made half the way skating, but I discovered that Lisbon has some cool spots to roll along the river.

Here are some pictures I took, again with the cellphone and no post-editing:

P.S.: There’s cops with machine guns in my school’s street all the time. Cool.


1 Response to “Bridge”

  1. 1 Hermano 3 November, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    fazes tu muito bem, para assassinar o ambiente ja basta o meu carro! tenho de comprar um skate tb

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