Ignorance is not bliss

Yesterday I used part of my day-off to watch 2 of the dozens of documentaries that are pilling up in my hard disk. There were two major similarities between both the films: they portray life in the USA and talk ’bout stuff that goes into our body.
I’ll leave you with two small reviews.


This film starts off with the objective of showing what is the true origin of the food the general public puts in their plate everyday, and what is done to that food before it reaches the plates. To my surprise, the director does that in a very objective way and does not go into the common mistake of trying to shock the audience with constant brutal images of animals being killed in slaughterhouses.

It goes through a big range of products and explains why and how they are connected, how they are manipulated and what big corporate food industries are doing to fuck up the general health of America and to ruin lives.
Food, Inc. unveiled many unknown stuff to me, like the substances coming from corn that are on the most unexpected products, or the gene altered beans that are patented by a single company and basically are taking over farms without much stuff the regular farmers can do against it.

The film finishes of with some propaganda messages that really leave you thinking ’bout what you eat…of course it has to be contextualized, in Europe there are much more healthy products and politics concerning alimentation, but still, from now on I think I’m gonna care even more ’bout what really is in my plate everyday, even though I already read labels and I think that’s a habit not many people have.




More than a documentary about steroids and other drugs, this is a documentary about the American mentality, conveyed in a very personal way by a guy that just wanted to know why people take anabolic substances.
“Bigger, stronger, faster, no matter the means or the costs” is not the motto solely to the bodybuilders and sportsmen,  but as we get to understand from the film, it’s the motto that pushes the American way of life, it’s impregnated in their culture. Cheating is not cheating if everybody else is cheating, and morals are subverted to the will of becoming the best…The movie only touches that wound very lightly, but it still does it and tries to brings up the true issues behind anabolic drugs and other substances used not only in sports but in many other human activities.

I liked the personal outlook that this film gives, that’s part of the reason why it works as a documentary.
It’s not the most neutral perspective, as it tries to convey steroids almost as a completely harmless thing, but still the guy exposes his life and his family’s issues in a very honest way, and still asks all the right questions.



There’s one third similarity both movies have that I intentionally omitted until this part of the post, and that is the one about the corruption and the bullshit that takes place in America nowadays.
Both movies try to expose many clear situations of corruption that occur in the American system without anyone with power taking action, and that action is not being taken because almost in every governmental institution and/or public entity there are lies and stuff that is being held from the population’s eyes. Their legal system is so fucked up that even the most common sense decisions cannot be taken immediately, not even if everyone knows that something is wrong.

These 2 documentaries helped me understand that I’m not that bad living in a European country.
At least I don’t eat shit all the time and my culture and legal system doesn’t protect cheating and corruption as much as the Americans do (although there is big time corruption going on in Portugal too). What is left of that country is becoming more and more a really fucked up “American dream”.


4 Responses to “Ignorance is not bliss”

  1. 1 maria 14 November, 2009 at 1:05 am

    Adore este post, mt bom msm!! estou mesmo curiosa para ver os dois, mas especialmente o primeiro documentário!***

  2. 2 Hermano 14 November, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    falaram destes no forum n foi? ainda bem que me lembraste disto, vou sacar os dois e largar as seasons de six feet under que tenho andado a ver compulsivamente

  3. 3 A Constant Refrain 14 November, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    lol. nao deves ter lido bem o post.
    eu tou a dizer tipo “calma miudagem, calma aí com a passareca” ahaha.


  4. 4 nuno 2 December, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    tenho de ver esse sobre as bombas
    curti ver o trailer e acho que dentro do genero tem a sua piada
    um amigo meu viu o food inc. e ficou desiludido.
    tenho de ver tb


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