Lost Ground

From time to time, an hardcore band surprises me.

Defeater‘s first release, titled Travels, went straight to my music archives almost unnoticed…I mean, it had the intensity and the sense of desperation that I love in this sort of bands, the lyrics of that record are enclosing enough to keep one interested, but it just didn’t have an impact on me.
Last week, I downloaded their new Lost Ground EP, played it on my way to work on a rainy afternoon, and felt like I had been dragged into a sea of angst…every guitar riff, every screamed line sounded like an ongoing struggle of feelings. It felt like a big stone had instantly hit my head.
But the best part ’bout this EP is the drums…it’s been a really long while since I heard a drummer actually having his “say” on every track of a record. The rhythms and breaks from tracks like “The Bite and Sting” and “A Wound and Scar” totally blew me away and changed my perception of the quality of this band.

Lost Ground really changed my view of this band. It has the perfect length and I can’t find a weaker song to point out in this record, it is so good that I will give their LP another chance.

It’s good to hear something different, not that they have the most distinct sound ever or have reinvented the rules of hardcore music, but they have the quality and the attitude to stand out from all the other bands in the same genre.
If you like melodic hardcore (with quality) and got sad ’bout Have Heart calling it quits, than this is a band for you. If you are not convinced, check out the show they gave this year on a town very near my home (don’t mind the apathy of the public, just pay attention to the band):



3 Responses to “Lost Ground”

  1. 1 vanessa 24 November, 2009 at 6:19 pm

    hummm,nunca dei muita atençao a esta banda!
    tenho de ouvir melhor.
    word up é muito muito bom!

  2. 2 A Constant Refrain 24 November, 2009 at 6:19 pm

    saquei o album, não conhecia isto, e sim ja sabias que ia gostar.
    portanto vou sacar o travels tbm, mas pelo que dizes ainda bem que ouvi este EP primeiro. vai po mp3.
    a “a wound and scar” arrepiou, ouvi 3 vezes até ao momento.

    boa cena.*

  3. 3 joaoxcordeiro 16 December, 2009 at 8:33 pm

    Para mim, a par com The Carrier e Killing the Dream são as melhores bandas de hc melódico actualmente e esse é muito o meu hardcore.

    Se já o Travels era bom – ainda que não me tenha dito grande coisa durante algum tempo – este Lost Ground é por demais genial. Ainda nos próximos dias devo escrever sobre ele.

    Thanks a lot pelos videos, não fazia ideia da sua existência. Tive lá, mas não cheguei a tempo deles :X.

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