Playlist #5

Music has been my friend on the lonely periods between school, work and home.
Due to that, I felt like I needed to get back on the playlist posts, to try, in my own dysfunctional way, to pay homage to some of my biggest “friends” for the past few weeks.

The Beatnuts The Originators – Great beats and consistent MC’s. One of the few albums released after 2000 that feels like that early 90’s hip-hop.

Mos Def Black on Both Sides – Maybe his best record, I haven’t quite explored his music enough to the point of coming to that conclusion, but I can say this album has some of my favorite Mos tracks and lyrics, and the beats really make a difference.

OutkastAquemini – Underrated album. Here you find some of the best lyrics Outkast ever wrote as a group. You find a shared flow and a common concept in all the beats…don’t get fooled by the stuff that’s on MTV nowadays, this is the truly southern hip-hop.

Rise And Fall Our Circle is Vicious – When I started listening to this one, I didn’t know if either I hated or loved it. Now, I know I love it. But not as much as the previous releases.

Also, on my occasional joggin runs, I’ve been doing this thing of choosing one album per run. So far I have come with this selection:

ClipseHell Hath No Fury – this records is on its way of becoming one of my favorite top 20 (more like 30 lol) records of all time. I find it the perfect soundtrack for almost everything I do, it sets me up in the right mood. The combination between The Neptunes beats and the bragging voices of the Thornton brothers produced one of the most efficient rap albums ever, from the first track to the last one you get nothing but quality.

Beastie BoysIll Communication – My favorite record from Beastie Boys. And I also discovered this is almost perfect for a run, the songs have a consistent flow, creative beats (and riffs) and the 3 MC’s deliver funky raw rhymes that. find almost no match on the other albums. It really is a good album to run to.


1 Response to “Playlist #5”

  1. 1 A Constant Refrain 27 November, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    devias ter posto os links po download que ha dois aí que nao tenho 😛

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