Great expectations…

…sometimes lead to big disappointments. This is a post ’bout 4 albums that let me down this year.

ClipseTil The Casket Drops

To me this was an album anticipated for almost the whole year, and I was really thinking they were gonna drop a bomb like the previous record, but as soon as the first tracks started leaking, I knew something was wrong.

The mistakes made are mainly in the choice of the beats…the production sounds like everything else out there, tracks are disconnected and ruin the flow of the album.
It’s common sense that nowadays The Neptunes don’t make such fresh stuff as in the days of Hell Hath No Fury, but still they should come up with more than this, and Pusha and Malice should have a better ear. Some songs sound like there was no big effort put in them, even in the lyrics…and the songs that were made singles and that I’ve posted before over here, when heard in the context of the album don’t even stand out.
Read a more complete review here.

RakimThe Seventh Seal

This album is just a sad story from beginning to end.
Again, the production ruins most of the deal. Worthless guest singers and samples that should not even be considered (No Doubt? what the fuck?), but Rakim also sounds tired and uninspired in some tracks. After reading the review on Pitchfork (link below) I came to admire his integrity for choosing not to work with Dr. Dre, but this is Rakim we’re talking about and he deserves nothing but greatness in everything he puts his voice in, this is one of the true “greatest rappers of all time”.

If you’re a Rakim fan, do yourself a favor and pretend this album never existed. Yes it’s still the God MC and he still spits with that perfect technique, but to hear just good lyrics I prefer to go back when he had also great beats.
Read a more complete review here.

Kid Sister – Ultraviolet

Also very anticipated for me, but also a flop. This album is what I call a 50/50.
50% of it has that feeling and tracks that I was expecting from this artist, and then the other 50% are just a fuck up. The funky and technological beats (“54321”), some of them already old and used on other releases (“Get Fresh”, “Control”), are clearly Kid Sis comfort zone, even when the Pop element is more present (“Life On TV”), but whenever she tries to reach out another type of stuff, the result is terrible.

Tracks like “Daydreaming” and “You Ain’t Really Down” don’t sound good, cause the girl can’t sing. She can rap in her own style, and make perfect party music, but someone should have told her that she can’t sing.  “Big N Bad” is also one big and bad mistake, mainly due to the chorus sample…revivalism has limits.
This is an album that has some good tunes for the dancefloor, I can already predict great remixes coming out of it, but as a release that took 2 or 3 years in the making, it’s just weak and emotionless.
Read a more complete review here.

BlakRoc BlakRoc

Another 50/50. What seemed a really interesting project with everything to become one of the best musical experiences of the year, comes out competent, but lacking emphasis and feeling.
I agree with Ian Cohen in his review on Pitchfork (link below), saying that “BlakRoc often comes off as a resolutely sober affair – mutual respect leads to no on stepping on each other’s toes or letting loose”, but more than that, it has a duality in the flow, and specially in terms of the quality of the artists involved.

While tracks like “Ain’t Nothing Like You” and “Hope You’re Happy” surprised me (specially Jim Jones and Q-Tip respectively), and others confirmed the quality I was expecting (Raekwon and RZA’s tracks), there’s stuff in this album that should never have left the studio.
Who the fuck is NOE and who the fuck is he fooling with the emulated Jay-Z flow? Even the vocal pitch is similar…c’mon, I can’t believe Dame Dash made the mistake of getting this dude in 2 tracks. And that Ludacris and ODB song…terrible. It just sounds awkward and misplaced in every way, nothing works in that song and Ludacris had much more to offer than that. As for ODB, just let him rest in peace.

Like I said, it’s a competent album, but it has too much skip tracks, and that’s never good.
Read a more complete review here.

I condensed the reviews not only cause the albums were not worthy of single posts for each, but also cause this way I get more synthetic in my opinions and I give you readers the chance to click on the links from Pitchfork and read more elaborated and “righteous” critics that I mainly agree with.


1 Response to “Great expectations…”

  1. 1 A Constant Refrain 14 December, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    yeah. you are gay!! ahah.

    quanto ao post, only care about Clipse e ainda nao ouvi bem o novo album.
    me love you. 🙂

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