Return of the North Star

“Yo Rae, that’s you baby?
Damn man, I heard all these things about you man…
Boy I heard you’ve been doin’ your thing man…
Wait wait, let me tap them pockets man, them pockets fat?
You know I’ma get mine..yo Rae baby check this out
Yo we done been through so many trials and tribulations man,
It’s a shame man…
But you know I told you who the devil is man,
Always watch them people who lie to you,
When people try to teach you man, out your money, I told you,
You ain’t let me teach you out you money shit…
You ain’t gonna let another nigga teach out your money boy, you crazy…
Aight, watch the tricks baby, cause the trick is a lie, and a lie is a thief

Raekwon ft. Papa Wu – Return Of The North Star


1 Response to “Return of the North Star”

  1. 1 phomer 17 December, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    Hey Dudes n Dudettes!
    Como estamos na época do Natal e deep down bem queriamos q o Pai Natal andasse mm aí nos rooftops, gostava de vos pedir
    um TOP 5 de xmas gifts,
    a vossa wish list (pessoal ou das respectivas crews), de sneakers, gadgets, art, livros ou wathever pra publicarmos aki algumas nos proximos dias no blog DFLKTR,
    pode ser q ele ande aí atento aos blogs eheh


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