It took me a while to finally watch this movie, but it was worth the wait.

9 takes place in a post-apocalyptic era where Humanity apparently disappeared from the face of Earth, and all that’s left are machines and some little handmade kind-of rag doll creatures that seem to carry all that’s left from the human soul.

Graphically and sonically irrepressible, this animated film encapsulates us in a journey of discovery and adventure, in a very uncommon style, slightly dark and with a lot of subliminal messages (anti-war and anti-Nazism being some of them).
Shane Acker did a really good job as a director, the action scenes really get your blood rushing, and the voices of Elijah Wood and Christopher Plummer, although almost unrecognizable (at least for me), bring a really good amount of character to the whole picture.

The film feels a little short, but still it’s one of the best stuff done in 2009, no doubt ’bout that. A second view may be advised for some of the most inattentive viewers.





3 Responses to “9”

  1. 1 nuno 18 February, 2010 at 1:41 pm


    wise words as tuas .

    trouxe a maquina de filmar e ja ando a bater umas cassetes para fazer um documentario destes tres meses.
    tem sido impressionante e com muito sentimento misto ‘a mistura.
    custa muita merda, maravilha-me muita outra.
    mas cada coisa a seu tempo, mal tiver com cabeca perco umas horas a postar imagens e pensamentos que isto ‘e a 1000 km/h

    grande abraco


  2. 2 hermano 21 February, 2010 at 12:46 am

    parece-me bastante bem, vou ver em breve! tks pela dica

  3. 3 maria 21 February, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    Estive tempos para sacar este filme entretanto esqueci-me dele, ainda bem que o puseste aqui, a ver se agr saco =) nice review!

    p.s: ya o anuncio está fraquito, mas como disseste tem a megan fox e basta lool***

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