Das Weisse Band

In Das weisse Band – Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte, aka The White Ribbon, Michael Haneke portrays malice and intrigue in a rural village in pre-World War I northern Germany, using the story as a metaphor to explain why Germany bred so much hatred over the last century.

The village is disturbed by violent events whose cause and evil doers remain unknown the whole time, spreading a wave of distrust. But these events are not the story, the story is the village and its people.
Instead of creating a detective’s story, the director explores the character’s minds and leaves the whole plot to serve only as a background, showing us how repression, fear and ignorance (based on severe religious moral values) helped to create the generation of the Third Reich.

Children suffering both mental and physical aggressions became the seeds of Fascism and Nazism, and that’s the whole underline message of this film. As in Funny Games (the only other movie I’ve seen from him), again Haneke portrays violence mainly in an off-screen manner, but this time with much deeper meanings and a “cold” perspective. The black & white screening helps to portray this distant chill perspective that fits like a glove.

Having won already the Golden Palm at Cannes and being nominated for 2 Oscars, among many other prices, one can easily understand this is an award-grabber, which sometimes can be deceiving, but I won’t elaborate on that.
This is undoubtedly Haneke’s masterpiece, and although I wouldn’t call this movie absolutely brilliant, have in mind that this is a technician cineast, so you’ll get nothing but meticulously constructed scenes that can seem too hard to handle if you’re not ready for a picture that reaches almost 2h20m.

Mega spoiler: either The Pastor or the Doctor’s daughter did it. Ahah.




2 Responses to “Das Weisse Band”

  1. 1 A Constant Refrain 23 February, 2010 at 12:29 am

    Tenho que acabar de ver. Até à altura que vi deu sono, estilo parado, sem banda sonora… mas deu para perceber que o filme é forte.
    mas não vou estar a tirar conclusões tenho que sacar pa ver o resto 😛


  2. 2 hermano 23 February, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    se te pagassem para fazeres reviews nao me admirava nada, tens a “labia” certa para o fazer.
    vi-o a semana passada e adorei a frieza e o misterio deste filme.
    dei oito em dez no filmaffinity

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