The Cove

There is an album by the band Integrity (thanks kords, lol) that uses one of the most truthful phrases ever: Humanity is the Devil. The Cove proves just that. This film made me want to get a machine gun and go to Taiji to kill Japanese fishermen.

Judging by the trailer, one knows something very wrong is about to be unveiled, but for fucks sake, the whole thing is just hideous. 23 000 dolphins are captured and slaughtered in a little bay in Japan every year to feed the aquatic entertainment industry and to produce meat that is completely toxic? And oh wait, the local government wants to feed schools with this meat? Absolute madness.

Judging by my academic past, I should look at the whole thing in an anthropological perspective, understand that this is an activity deeply rooted in the Japanese culture, and that these fishermen know no better, cause a whole local economy depends on capturing dolphins, selling the best ones to aquariums and murdering the rest…but man, there is no anthropological study that can justify such an destruction of nature’s beauty.
Actually the main reason for this insane acts is plain simple, in my opinion, and is briefly mentioned on the film: Japan just don’t want the Western World telling them what to do, in a senseless effort to old on to an imperialistic mentality of the past.

The Cove succeeds in conveying these feelings of disgust and revolt, still it fails almost entirely as a journalistic documentary, poorly showing the two sides of the question.
Their best effort to do this ends up relying on a related issue: the International Whaling Commission. The entity created to protect the larger cetaceans is allowing the dolphin massacres, all due to a game of influences that Japan seems to be leading.

But no one said this was a journalistic documentary. It’s an activist documentary, intended to denounce a siituation. The director even says in the movie that they tried to get the fishermen and respective authorities on film, to explain themselves and their reasons, but they were unaccessible…which is clearly understandable in the end, when the footage of the slaughter happening on the bay is shown. Of course they hide it, it’s inhumane, or maybe it’s just the worst face of humanity brought to light
Still it is a remarkable work of infiltration and documentation, finally technology put to the use of nature.

Richard O’Barry, former dolphin trainer and longtime advocate for the animals, gives the human touch to the movie, and finally gets the truth out there for the world to see it. Hands down to this man.
The major win of this film, if you ask me, is that, contrary to many “angry” nature’s preservation documentaries, after you watch it you’ll instantly think: this has to stop NOW! And that’s when things start to change, I hope.




5 Responses to “The Cove”

  1. 1 joaoxcordeiro 26 February, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    Humanity is the Devil de… Integrity? 😛
    Anyway, ainda não consegui ver isto e não acredito que vá conseguir. É o tipo de situação que tenho a clara noção que acontecesse e da qual prefiro apenas ler. Não me dou bem com imagens chocantes. Mas já li que está bastante bom.

  2. 2 vanessa 26 February, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    já vi este trailer, já li sobre este assunto, mas continuo sem ter feito o download, nao por falta de “coragem” para ver, apenas porque ainda nao houve oportunidade. tema bastante interessante e chocante tambem.

  3. 3 limpa_vias 27 February, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    Tal como o kords aí disse, tambem axo que não sou capaz de ouvir o filme, pese embora ja tenha ouvido falar bastante bem. Parece ser um bom alerta!

  4. 4 maria 27 February, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    olha vi esse documentário há uns tempos, e como disseste é logo sentimento de revolta! Fiquei impressionada com todo o esquema para desmascarar e mostrar ao mundo o que passa ali! Mais impressionada ainda como tal pode acontecer e com a crueldade do ser humano! o importante é transmitir a informação** bom post

  5. 5 hermano 28 February, 2010 at 11:05 am

    vi ontem. está bem conseguido como meio de informação.
    nunca mais entro num zoo lol.
    ja vi o fish tank, é bastante bom sim!

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