Pay Attention! #4

Ready for another post of stuff-I-find-online-cause-I-really-have-no-time-to-write-decent?

Nahhh, don’t worry, this time I bring you not the usual music videos and artistic discoveries, but some references to news from my fellow bloggers and friends.

Organic Anagram Industries – new site, products and online store!

I’m diggin’ the new hoodies, and the prints look awesome too. Miguel has been busting his ass on this project, and I’m starting my project too so I know the effort put in building something from scratch.
Support if you can, or at least subscribe the mailing list, it’s not one of those annoying ones :).

the.argument – Nuno, the new INDIAna Jones

Follow Nuno, the vocals from the notorious Step Back! on his journey across India…he makes very personal descriptions of the reality down there, always with a good dose of humor and a positive attitude. Outlive!

Vicious Noir – new (small) track online.

Tim, who I interviewed here, has this ongoing experimental musical project full of quality and  diversity.
“Um” is the most recent addition to his myspace, and surprised me a lot, it has a hip-hop touch, different from the previous tracks.

Be on the lookout cause this won’t be the last time you’ll hear about Vicious Noir on this blog ;).

And that’s all for today folks, sorry for the slow rhythm over here.
Maybe with tomorrow’s post you’ll understand why I’ve been so busy lately.


4 Responses to “Pay Attention! #4”

  1. 3 M. 16 March, 2010 at 2:47 am

    Ya, obrigado. E esse Tim é um gajo com jeito, e tu também!

  2. 4 nuno 16 March, 2010 at 4:01 am

    thanks ema.
    curti esse INDIAna johnes.

    ha novidades quanto ao cenas?

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