HRVST: Death

“HRVST is not a music magazine / book. It´s not about telling you how a new record sounds or how the tour of our favorite band went. Instead we “harvest“ experiences, ideas and stories of people from the DIY music and art scene and produce a book that focuses on their individual stories and experiences, shedding light on a very up, close and personal level, building on a bigger, more complex and truthful picture of who they really are and what makes them the persons they are. Beyond the stage, beyond the canvas, beyond what you seem to know about them already. And in the end uniting them in one single topic per issue.” @ Reflections Records: HRVST: Death. BOOK

166 pages of an interesting concept. Gathering people from hardcore, not to talk about what you regularly read on zines and interviews, but to allow them to share something personal. I don’t know if this concept has been done before in the hardcore scene, but I really gotta check this out. Pre-orders are already available on Reflections Records store, shipping starts on May 1st.

PREVIEW OF THE BOOK (PDF, first 10 pages)


And speaking about hardcore, and since I don’t wanna make a second post, please do yourself a favor and watch this two shows of Trapped Under Ice.


1 Response to “HRVST: Death”

  1. 1 A Constant Refrain 27 March, 2010 at 1:53 am

    os videos são fóda! mas a voz do gajo ao vivo realmente não vale nada lol.


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