Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan

“Has general value thanks to the subjects but the presentation, structure and delivery is poor.”

I found this sentence on the title of a user review when I first looked up for this film at IMDB, and maybe I’m spoiling this review from start, but I basically agree with it.
Telling the story of the Wu-Tang on film should never be faced as an easy task. The key players and the main storyline is generally known, so something more needs to be delivered. Good footage needs to be shown, and faces need to appear on-screen, telling stuff from a real personal point of view.

When I first saw the trailer for this documentary, back in mid-2009, I really got the impression this would be the definite piece which would bring the elements mentioned on the above paragraph, showing the younger generations and the general public how these 9 cats revolutionized the music industry and managed to get the ultimate hustle out of the record companies, building a constant historic legacy.

But, unfortunately, Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan fails at delivering something consistent.

Focusing on telling the story of the Clan, it reaches this goal more with (nice) testimonials from record executives , managers, and Papa Wu than with spoken words from the 9 MC’s themselves. And then, in a very unstructured and kinda abrupt manner, the film suddenly turns into a memorial service for ODB, and sticks with the story of his later years until the end.
I mean, of course the death of ODB is important, of course this was one of the most charismatic rappers that ever lived, with “no father to his style”, and I personally consider him to be among the best MC’s of the Clan, but you can’t turn a documentary about the whole group into an almost personal view on this single member, concentrate  several minutes on an exclusive footage of a family reunion, and then forget all the recent records and achievements from all the other guys that are still alive.

This is not yet that definite piece that I thought it might be, and I hope that in the future a good director picks up the pieces and makes a documentary ’bout the Wu that is worthy to be mentioned in the legacy of the group. Still, it’s a good starting point for anyone who’s beginning to getting to know the music of the Wu-Tang Clan.




1 Response to “Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan”

  1. 1 A Constant Refrain 5 April, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    acho que vou arriscar ver sem legendas.

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