Whatever Works

Admitting from the start that I’m neither a connoisseur or an admirer of Woody Allen’s filmography, what I can tell you about this movie won’t probably be a surprise.

Surprise for me was the quality of the script, with all the suis generis humorist touches that I came to know through Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but going way over this reference. And, again this probably won’t be any news, but the element that manages to deliver the final touch which gets this movie beyond the generic Woody Allen humoristic romance story is Larry David, playing Boris, the main character. Check my synopsis:

Boris is a smart but sometimes annoying guy entering his old age, with fixed and pessimist ideas on life. He keeps ranting about everything around him with in a very sarcastic and edgy style and lets no one enter his personal space of feelings. But then he meets Melodie, a southern country girl that will slowly change his life and live in his house…or maybe she doesn’t change him, not that much I think.
And then (maybe spoiler, but who cares) he meets the rest of Melodie’s family…and well, that doesn’t change him that much neither, but surely is a lot fun to watch ahah.

Ok, back on the review.

I found myself laughing with Boris mainly cause many traces of his personality instantly resembled my own (on my worst days of course). Boris makes you laugh even if you don’t actually relate to him, as long as you understand the (dark) humor behind all his lines or his relation to the other very distinct characters.
I’m not gonna turn into a Woody Allen fan with this flick, I think probably no one will, but it’s definitely a nice film that will put a smile on your face.



1 Response to “Whatever Works”

  1. 1 joaoxcordeiro 12 April, 2010 at 12:06 am

    Xii nem uma referência a esse autêntico monumento da criação divina que é a Evan Rachel Wood tss tss…

    Agora a sério, eu também não sou grande conhecedor do Woody Allen, mas diverti-me à brava a ver este filme. Completamente lascivo esse Boris.

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