Their Celebrations

This Will Destroy You, probably my favorite instrumental rock band, just released a new track.

Their Celebrations is included in the compilation “PEACE“, co-produced between Amnesty International Catalunya and Buffetlibre. How it works:

“Just make your donation and download the full mp3 compilation, with 180 exclusive new songs by artists from more than 50 countries. The collected money will be used for AI’s investigation and action campaigns aimed at preventing cases of Human Rights abuses around the world.”

The donations start at 5€, which means that if you donate 5€ each one of the 180 songs will cost you around 0,03€…tons of music at the cheapest price ever. Great initiative.

Click here to hear the new track from This Will Destroy You (scroll to the bottom or use the Find tool on your browser). Explore the site and you can also hear the tracks from all the other artists from all the other continents.

By the way, representing Portugal we have X-Wife with a remix to their hit single On The Radio. Find it on the Europe page.




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