Link changes

Over more than a year and a half of blogging, I slowly perceived some stuff that helped me improve my writing and also my ways of presenting whatever contents I feel like posting. This blog became a good exercise for the mind, and also a good way to keep myself motivated towards searching for new things, so I can share them here.

One other thing I started to understand more recently is that when people develop an habit of daily/weekly checking the blog, they do it because they want to see what I got to share, and specially what are my ideas, opinions and personal perspective on things.
The “big” blogs and sites, they sometimes forget that intimate and personal touch that makes everything unique, and nowadays that’s what I most value when reading something more “informal” on the web.

From my statistics page, I realized that most of you don’t pay attention to the “big” sites/blogs. Instead, the most clicked links are other small and personal blogs, from my friends and people that I know personally.
So basically, I decided to make a big update on the links list.
Removing some of the websites I most visit is a tough call, but substituting them with some personal blogs that have caught my attention over the last few months is  kind of a thank-you note to people that I think have something worthy to watch/read on every post.

So I leave you with some of the changes, in case you miss something:

Knowledge Reigns $upreme – and just when you thought it was over, Ana (who I interviewed here) brings back the heat to her blog.

Stand Strong – I see you homie ;). – always fun to read, with a nice balance between commercial/independent film reviews.

FISTS x OF x FURY – Leo finally decided to join the blog world, and I added his link last week but it still counts anyway. Make it last!

DFLEKTOR Blog also added last week, but also noteworthy. Although here the “personal touch” is not always visible, it’s almost a daily link for me. They do an excellent filtering of contents from the worldwide blogging world.

Others came and went, so I also removed links to blogs that are no longer active (I did it with KR$, but since she’s back I brought the link back obviously). To all the other who have been constantly keeping their blogs interesting, thank you, you’re an inspiration and a motivation to keep things running up in here.


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