The Night James Brown Saved Boston

James Brown performed a concert in Boston, on April 5th 1968, one day after the assassination of Martin Luther King.
While the rest of the country was wrapped in riots, with racial tension and military forces on the street, on that night, Boston was quiet.

This film, produced by VH1 in another effort to bring good documentaries on the relation between music and crucial times in History, is a nice example on how to tell historical facts through a very entertaining manner. It’s a complete piece, including archive footage and sound from the concert in question, and interviews with the Mayor of Boston at the time and all the other relevant people that made everything happen.

But of course, the relevance of this movie and its main impact rest with James Brown. Not only an huge musical influence, James Brown was also a generational influence.
He had his own ideas on violence, war and racial conflicts, and in the film we get to understand how he got involved with politics and worked as a pacifist after the Luther King murder. Actually one of the most positive things about this work is its extension to the facts after the 5th April show, where we see a bit more of Brown’s attitude towards a peaceful America and how he became one the most relevant voices for the African-American community at the time.

The Night James Brown Saved Boston is a competent insight into a very critical period of modern American History, with a great soundtrack and a very short but objective view on the life and ideas of James Brown.




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