It’s kinda funny, but after watching Irréversible, and then Seul Contre Tous, and now Carne, I realized that I’ve been watching Gaspar Noé’s filmography backwards, kinda like the way the first movie mentioned is directed.

This fact has allowed me to see the evolution of this director on a different perspective, specially since all the 3 movies are connected, specially Seul Contre Tous and Carne.

Carne is a short film telling the beginning of the story of The Butcher character.
It works kinda like an essay for everything that we see on the sequel, Seul Contre Tous, but of course doesn’t reach the depth of a feature film. The format of the movie makes the story a bit too condensed, so naturally the raw violence and sexuality on The Butcher’s acts, and his internal thoughts and monologues are not so dominant and explored, but still it unveils concepts and a directing style that would become (in)famous in Gaspar Noé’s work.

Recommended if you already watched any of the 2 movies mentioned before, if not, this isn’t probably a good start.



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