There is only one way to listen to this record properly: wait for a rainy day and sit in a dark room, lights out. Turn the volume as high as your machine can go.

Many have called this band the European hardcore hype of the year, and judging by the general response to the record I’d say this is probably true…but what do I give a fuck. More Than Life first caught my attention with the Brave Enough to Fail EP, which quickly became one of the most played discs on my collection, and with this brand new LP they accomplished the not so easy task to grab my attention again, to the point that I now hear this record at least once a week, for several weeks now.

Love Let Me Go follows the line of their previous release, not only in the simple/minimalist/duotone artwork, but also in terms of intensity. Grey is the colour, both graphically and lyrically, and in this album we find more melody and “crying” choruses than ever.
This is melodic hardcore on its highest exponential, taking references of the past and adding that ne sais quoi to the mix. This album sounds like everything it should be: mature, with more straight-forward tracks, leaving the more indie/ambiental multi-layered guitar riffs to fill in specific moments in specific tracks, which are cleverly  distributed along the record.

Have in mind that is not a Summer record, these are the blues from the Grey Island where the sun is always shy. This is Winter and cold grabbing onto our greatest fears. Love Let Me has only 3 main topics: love failure, death and the absence of light.

This record will depress you, make you think about everything you fucked up on your personal life…this is music to bring back old feelings. But that’s what carves it so deep in the soul. Like Brave Enough to Fail, you can relate it with specific moments in your life, like a soundtrack to memories wrapped in pain.

“Nothing will bring me back to life, the reapers grip so tight”.


The track “Blue Eyes Black Eyed” has no lyrics on the LP…lack of space or artistic choice?
The photography on the album is from Allan Barnes, who has a nice portfolio.




2 Responses to “LOVE LET ME GO”

  1. 1 vanessa 2 June, 2010 at 12:37 am

    gostei de ler.
    more than life é sem dúvida alguma uma das minhas bandas preferidas.sinceramente não entendo muito bem o hype à volta da banda, não pela falta de qualidade por é o oposto, mas sim porque acho que no geral, não é um tipo de som que qualquer pessoa “entenda”.
    pode ser um disco “dark”, mas é bom ouvi-lo em qualquer estação do ano, devido á tamanha qualidade.
    intenso será a palavra mais certa!

  2. 2 joaoxcordeiro 2 June, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    amo o álbum e a banda. óptima review!

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