Bulletproof vest

Once upon a time, I made a post about being fired.
For those who ain’t gonna bother to click on the link, one of the phrases that ended my post was “Bottom line: I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Tonight, I visited Ana’s blog almost randomly, and a “giant” text caught my attention while browsing through her latest posts.

The text was Ana’s way of recovering her dignity and expose a fucked up situation. In a way, I related to what happened to her, and while reading her words I noticed the same pride and the same ambition that I had on my own post several months ago.

Not everyone has to be strong and mentally focused on everything they want to achieve in life, but let her post serve as a wake-up call to everyone enduring tons of shit everyday just to get some lousy euros at the end of the month. Don’t you ever let anyone treat you as an inferior human being just because they are your hierarquical working superiors. Fuck that, no money pays for dignity or happiness.

READ “Colete à prova de balas”

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