The Book of Eli

Stolen cinematography (from The Road)? Probably.
Masked religious propaganda? Most certainly.

The thing that upset me the most about this film: its prepotency.
To make a whole movie based on the premise of the Holy Bible being the ONLY book worth saving/destroying/copying/whatever-the-fuck-you-think-of on a pos-apocalyptic world, and making absolutely no reference to any another religion, as if all the other faiths or gods just don’t play any part in the world…man it pisses me off, even from an Agnostic/almost Atheist point of view.

Other than that, João already made a hell of a good review to this film some months ago, so please read it, I think I totally agree with it. But, if you’re planning to actually watch this film, DON’T READ THE SPOILER PARAGRAPH, I did it and it totally ruined the film for me (and by now saying this I’m aknowledging that 99% of the people reading this and then clicking on the link are gonna read that paragraph, stupid humans lol).

Oh, and I liked Denzel’s performance, he’s a great actor despite being involved in a lot of blockbuster bullshit.




1 Response to “The Book of Eli”

  1. 1 João 9 July, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    Realmente o que salva o filme é o Denzel ser um bom actor…

    … devia era contratar um melhor agente, que quem lhe arranjou o script deste filme devia ser crucificado e conhecer o suja cuja palavra dizem que salvaria o mundo

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