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Ross McDonnell

Got in touch with the work of Ross McDonnell on a late night browsing on Booooooom and instantly fell in love with it. I’m not that much into photography but from time to time I really get amazed by it.

Please visit the links below and try to catch the same feeling as I did.





JR #01: NEVER FAIL & PxHxT – Split 7″

Two different bands, the same record, 6 new tracks.

There was no better way to officialy start a record label intended to have no barriers, than with a record that mixes styles, sonorities and messages. NEVER FAIL and PxHxT prove in this record that what matters the most is people, leaving differences on the background and uniting themselves with Juicy to release a threesome record, but with a single idea. Crossover baby.



Cool stuff, pay attention to the info in the beginning.


Juicy Records begins to leave its mark in 2010. Not to reinvent, nor to divide in worthless categories of genres and aesthetics, but to serve as a platform for projects that transport contents through music.

Music with content is music that transmits something. Values, messages, emotions, stories…all of these have been brought to us over many years by music, and now it’s time to gather some friends and give something back.

It’s official, JUICY RECORDS, my own record label, is out. Check the site for all the relevant info.

You may or may not have heard about it in the last couple of weeks, you may or may not have helped me in some way to put it together, but right now it feels good just to see it take form.

Some people have asked me why am I doing this, why drag my money, my time and my energies on something that can  be a total failure just by looking at the state of things nowadays…my answer: I’m just doing me, I’m just following an old dream and creating something to share with everyone.

All my life I have been inspired by music. Not only by the bands playing on stage, their words, but also by the  people standing on the backstages, working hard to make things happen. I have been on both sides, but most of the time I am just a kid in front of a stage waiting for that burst of sound that makes me feel alive…to all those kids, I bring JUICY RECORDS to life.

It’s kinda my way to say thank-you to hardcore and music in general. It was all a dream…but maybe it is finally coming true.




Broken Fingaz

First seen at Wooster Collective.

Can someone tell me what’s the song playing in the video?


I think I got in touch with this documentary through a blog, but since I started watching it like 2 weeks ago I lost track of the source…so this will probably be a repost from some blog on my link list. Sorry ’bout that.

Inside Outside shows us the work and thoughts of well-known street artists that are slowly crossing the bridge to commercial art but still maintain their illegal street activity. From the constant experimentalism of ZEVS to the random pixoteiros of São Paulo, and the naive artsy feeling of Swoon, this film manages to be more than another portfolio-documentary of selected street art, turning into a very specific vision of street art as a lifestyle.

I really enjoyed it, even though I had to watch it in like 6 or 8 parts, and I can only say I’m glad there’s people like these artists to bring colour and life to our concrete streets.


P.S.: Check the guys living inside the subway station…you can’t get more punk than that.  Fight the system.

Simon Birch

As usual, Wooster Collective unveils a great artist to me.

What got my attention in this specific series that was shown at Wooster, was the way Simon Birch portrays human emotions and delivers intensity in his paintings, without showing faces.
Bodies become geometric intersections of colour, and shapes get melt into a single appealing composition. I’d buy a painting like this if I could.

SIMON BIRCH WEBSITE (browse it, has a lot of different work)