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JR #01: NEVER FAIL & PxHxT – Split 7″

Two different bands, the same record, 6 new tracks.

There was no better way to officialy start a record label intended to have no barriers, than with a record that mixes styles, sonorities and messages. NEVER FAIL and PxHxT prove in this record that what matters the most is people, leaving differences on the background and uniting themselves with Juicy to release a threesome record, but with a single idea. Crossover baby.




Juicy Records begins to leave its mark in 2010. Not to reinvent, nor to divide in worthless categories of genres and aesthetics, but to serve as a platform for projects that transport contents through music.

Music with content is music that transmits something. Values, messages, emotions, stories…all of these have been brought to us over many years by music, and now it’s time to gather some friends and give something back.

It’s official, JUICY RECORDS, my own record label, is out. Check the site for all the relevant info.

You may or may not have heard about it in the last couple of weeks, you may or may not have helped me in some way to put it together, but right now it feels good just to see it take form.

Some people have asked me why am I doing this, why drag my money, my time and my energies on something that can  be a total failure just by looking at the state of things nowadays…my answer: I’m just doing me, I’m just following an old dream and creating something to share with everyone.

All my life I have been inspired by music. Not only by the bands playing on stage, their words, but also by the  people standing on the backstages, working hard to make things happen. I have been on both sides, but most of the time I am just a kid in front of a stage waiting for that burst of sound that makes me feel alive…to all those kids, I bring JUICY RECORDS to life.

It’s kinda my way to say thank-you to hardcore and music in general. It was all a dream…but maybe it is finally coming true.




Playlist #5

Music has been my friend on the lonely periods between school, work and home.
Due to that, I felt like I needed to get back on the playlist posts, to try, in my own dysfunctional way, to pay homage to some of my biggest “friends” for the past few weeks.

The Beatnuts The Originators – Great beats and consistent MC’s. One of the few albums released after 2000 that feels like that early 90’s hip-hop.

Mos Def Black on Both Sides – Maybe his best record, I haven’t quite explored his music enough to the point of coming to that conclusion, but I can say this album has some of my favorite Mos tracks and lyrics, and the beats really make a difference.

OutkastAquemini – Underrated album. Here you find some of the best lyrics Outkast ever wrote as a group. You find a shared flow and a common concept in all the beats…don’t get fooled by the stuff that’s on MTV nowadays, this is the truly southern hip-hop.

Rise And Fall Our Circle is Vicious – When I started listening to this one, I didn’t know if either I hated or loved it. Now, I know I love it. But not as much as the previous releases.

Also, on my occasional joggin runs, I’ve been doing this thing of choosing one album per run. So far I have come with this selection:

ClipseHell Hath No Fury – this records is on its way of becoming one of my favorite top 20 (more like 30 lol) records of all time. I find it the perfect soundtrack for almost everything I do, it sets me up in the right mood. The combination between The Neptunes beats and the bragging voices of the Thornton brothers produced one of the most efficient rap albums ever, from the first track to the last one you get nothing but quality.

Beastie BoysIll Communication – My favorite record from Beastie Boys. And I also discovered this is almost perfect for a run, the songs have a consistent flow, creative beats (and riffs) and the 3 MC’s deliver funky raw rhymes that. find almost no match on the other albums. It really is a good album to run to.

Playlist #4

I’m practically done with the Festival, so I guess this playlists thing is gonna be on the low from now on.

Still, yesterday was one of those days you can only get through with some good tunes on your ears, so I leave you with my choice of music:

Shark AttackDiscography – The cover above is from the record Blood in the Water, but I didn’t even choose an album, just pressed “all” on the player and I was on.

No Turning BackRevenge is a Right (Remastered Version) – One of the greatest things, if not THE greatest, European hardcore has ever witnessed. This is one of those I gotta hear at least once a month, along with the song “Never Give Up” from the second LP.

Trapped Under IceSecrets of the World – What can I say? I just love this band. Hasn’t left my winamp, my mp3 player or my record player ever since it came out.

Length Of TimeApproach to the New World – Classic. I put this album on my mp3 when I first bought it, just trying out some tunes while skating…ended up listening to it non-stop in a whole skating afternoon and it’s still there.

You may have noticed this is an exclusively hardcore playlist. When it comes to the hard times, nothing can replace my need of some good old hardcore music.

In a minute I’ll be back on my grind over here in the blog, with more thoughtful posts, so pay attention in the next few days.

Playlist #3

I’ve been working my ass on the Festroia, meeting directors and ambassadors, presenting films and dealing with the hardships of movie screenings, so I haven’t been listening to a big bunch of music this week.
Still I leave you the few albums that reached any near my ears in the past few days:

Dr. Dre The Chronic – Drive-by music, or just drive-the-festivals-van music.

Muse Origin of Symmetry – There’s hardly a mainstream band with such a distinct sound as Muse. You can love them or hate them, but you ain’t gonna find many stuff sounding any near this album.
Not my favorite album of them, but surely the one who marked the uprising of the band, I’d say due to the freshness in the melodies.

She Wants Revenge She Wants Revenge – “Joy Division with an updated touch” is the first thing that comes to your mind hearing this album, but for me it’s much more than that. It’s one of my stress-relievers and gets me into a relaxed rhythm.

Raekwon Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II – This, my dear readers, is the rap album of the year. This has been playing on repeat on my mp3 player for two whole days, and I’m still trying to catch up with every track and every line…But I dare to say it really is the righteous sequel to the first part.
Not only The Chef goes off hard, but he managed to get a colossal amount of quality in each of the feature appearances. Ghost throws more intensity in this album than in his last one, and don’t get me started on the other Wu…just listen to it. I got it from here, thanks Miguel.

Playlist #2

I’m adding the covers of the records to these posts…just bringin’ a nicer touch to the whole thing.

Playlist #2:

Ghostface Killah Supreme Clientele – This is probably my favorite album of Ghost, mainly for its melodic sense. Instead of a exclusively RZA production like in Ironman, this album contains tracks from other lesser known producers that deliver an overall soulful feeling to it. Ghost’s storytelling is also on the high on this album. Very good to chill out the mood on a busy morning.

If These Trees Could Talk If These Trees Could Talk – Great instrumental band. If you dig indie instrumental rock with a rougher edge and some well placed melodies, you’ll like this one.

Madball Set It Off – One of my favorite albums ever. I have this kinda habit of listening top 10 all time favorites once a month, it just happens that I feel like hearing them very regularly, but this one hadn’t been on my ears for a long time…played it while I was on the street to pick up stuff, it’s a great record to walk to or to catch some public transportations, cause it has a very urban feeling to it.

AZ Legendary – I’ve been listening to the last album of AZ for a while now, but it still hasn’t left my playlist. It has a smooth touch, very classic in terms of production and represents an huge improvement from the last stuff I had heard from him.

Playlist #1

Today I started working at the 25.Festroia – International Film Festival and I’ll be over there till the end of next week, so I’ll be on the low profile over here at the blog and all the internet things.

So to keep you coming and getting something interesting, I created this new section under the Music category called Playlists.
I had this idea of posting about what I hear back when I bought a new mp3 (or 4, whatever) player, mainly to use on my skate rides and my weekly jogging, but now it’s becoming really handy, specially when I’m doing stuff back at work, or when my car doesn’t accept my older recorded cd’s.

So below I’ll leave you with a small list of the music I heard today, all the links will direct you to the myspaces/websites of the bands.

Playlist #1:

Beastie Boys Check Your Head / Licensed to Ill – Not their most outstanding albums in my opinion, but surely great music to do stuff, like cutting card-paper for an hour and something.
L’Esprit Du Clan Chapitre 0 – Old school baby…old school. It’s a shame these guys don’t play such groovy music anymore, their recent metal tracks are generally boring. Also a great record to do some running.
Killing The Dream Fractures
Blacklisted …The Beat Goes On / Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God – these ones were played on my way back home. I skipped the highway to save some change at the tolls so I needed something to keep me interested while I was on traffic. Some of the best lyrics hardcore music has ever seen, trust me.

And that’s all for today folks, more playlists coming, and I hope to get some free time in these 2 weeks to post something with more contents too.