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Da Mystery of Chessboxin’

“The game of chess is like a sword fight. You must think first, before you move.”

Today I woke up feeling like hearing this song on repeat. Everyone brings their A game on this track, but Ghost steals it all with his attacking style.

Juicy is doing good, the first release is coming out this week, lots of work but it feels good to do something you love.


Trivia #02

Both RZA and GZA are vegetarians.

Last trivia post people asked for proofs, well this time I bring you proof right here:

“We not only capturing a song, we capturing a moment, that’s a moment in History, and that’s what songs used to be.”

I’d pay really good money to see the 36 Chambers show, unfortunately not as much as required to go down to the US of A. Anyway the video speaks for itself and delivers good knowledge ’bout the Wu.


More pop than hip-hop actually, and too much similarities  with Lupe Fiasco, but still very nice.
Paramore is is also nice, don’t hate on the girl just cause she got her boobs on twitter ahah.


JR #01: NEVER FAIL & PxHxT – Split 7″

Two different bands, the same record, 6 new tracks.

There was no better way to officialy start a record label intended to have no barriers, than with a record that mixes styles, sonorities and messages. NEVER FAIL and PxHxT prove in this record that what matters the most is people, leaving differences on the background and uniting themselves with Juicy to release a threesome record, but with a single idea. Crossover baby.



Festroia is over.

In these 10 days I got to hang out with lots of friends that I now almost only see in the festival, I had a full working birthday, I’ve lost weight, I’ve slept about 4/5 hours a day, but most of all, I feel like once again I did my job like no one else could do.

I feel tired but also very prideful.
This year I was really surprised for having so many people coming up to me and complimenting my job, not only people from the audience but guests from the festival…actors, directors…even other film festival directors were astonished with my translation skills and my easygoing attitude on stage, they could tell the difference in what I did, the ambition and the professionalism, even without a shirt and a tie, and that is probably the best reward I can ever get for all the stress.

Drake’s song is not really new, but it kinda reflects my state of mind today…sometimes I don’t know what am I doing, but I guess that, for better or worse, I’ll always do me.

Turn The Tide

Yeah I know things have been going slow here at the blog…the video above is one of the reasons for that. Editing video takes a lot of time, and I now consider myself a render-hater, but in the end I love to see the final results online.

JUICY TV is part of the legacy I want to build with JUICY RECORDS, and it’s also a way to express myself through something constructive.
I want to give back to the people, to document what makes hardcore so unique, and I wanna do it non-stop, cause that’s how I get when I get into something with full motivation…I just keep going and going and ideas keep flowing.

So these are really times of change for me, and June is gonna be wild.
I have my final event at Restart in more than pre-production right now, I’m gonna be working on 26th Festroia for the next two weeks, and I still gotta find time to bring new records to the Distro, and to make sure that Juicy’s first release comes to life next month.

Also, I never get tired of saying this, but my heart goes to everyone who’s been buying records and contacting me just to say “nice project” or “want a hand?”…I never thought that after a month I’d have sold out more than half the records in the Distro, and be getting so much love from friends and strangers. THANK YOU.

By the way, Step Back are a hell of a band.

Rescue Me

I’ve been recently awaken to the quality of grime music, lots of stuff I didn’t know about…so yesterday I ran across this video up in A Tribe Called Next and decided it was good enough to be reposted over here. Not really Grime in its essence (totally pop chorus), but I liked the song a lot.