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JR #01: NEVER FAIL & PxHxT – Split 7″

Two different bands, the same record, 6 new tracks.

There was no better way to officialy start a record label intended to have no barriers, than with a record that mixes styles, sonorities and messages. NEVER FAIL and PxHxT prove in this record that what matters the most is people, leaving differences on the background and uniting themselves with Juicy to release a threesome record, but with a single idea. Crossover baby.




Juicy Records begins to leave its mark in 2010. Not to reinvent, nor to divide in worthless categories of genres and aesthetics, but to serve as a platform for projects that transport contents through music.

Music with content is music that transmits something. Values, messages, emotions, stories…all of these have been brought to us over many years by music, and now it’s time to gather some friends and give something back.

It’s official, JUICY RECORDS, my own record label, is out. Check the site for all the relevant info.

You may or may not have heard about it in the last couple of weeks, you may or may not have helped me in some way to put it together, but right now it feels good just to see it take form.

Some people have asked me why am I doing this, why drag my money, my time and my energies on something that can  be a total failure just by looking at the state of things nowadays…my answer: I’m just doing me, I’m just following an old dream and creating something to share with everyone.

All my life I have been inspired by music. Not only by the bands playing on stage, their words, but also by the  people standing on the backstages, working hard to make things happen. I have been on both sides, but most of the time I am just a kid in front of a stage waiting for that burst of sound that makes me feel alive…to all those kids, I bring JUICY RECORDS to life.

It’s kinda my way to say thank-you to hardcore and music in general. It was all a dream…but maybe it is finally coming true.




Hope for Haiti

It’s not much, but it’s what I can give for now.

I decided to give to this site firstly cause I saw it on TV the other night, but also mainly due to the fact that they have everything explained in terms of fund distribution and partnerships.
It was very easy to donate, I even payed with paypal, and I felt my money will go to the right place.

Donate here, or just choose another organization like AMI or Unicef, I will try to donate to them also in the upcoming months.
If you don’t have a credit card, a paypal account or any other way to donate online, get in touch with me and I’ll arrange a donation for you, with receipts and everything.


Street Wars

Jedi Mind Tricks vs. Clipse.Hear it here. Download it here.

Well, not really JMT, but Vinnie Paz going solo with the help of the Virginia coke cowboys. The track goes hard indeed.

Shamelessly reposted from 2dopeboys.

By the way, here’s a little gift for all you people that love either skateboard, or good videos, or both.

Has nothing to do with the song posted above, but it blew my mind in such way that I had to post it!


I hate public transportation on the rush hour. People keep stepping on my sneakers and rarely apologize, and that fucking pisses me off.

So last week, instead of taking a bus or something like that on my way to work, I took my skate cause I had some (long) time to get there on my small 4 wheels. Of course I only made half the way skating, but I discovered that Lisbon has some cool spots to roll along the river.

Here are some pictures I took, again with the cellphone and no post-editing:

P.S.: There’s cops with machine guns in my school’s street all the time. Cool.

Just skate a little

I used my interview/appliance at my new future school (RESTART) as an excuse to spend the rest of the day skating at Parque das Nações (previously known as EXPO 98, if you recall what that was).

Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of skateable spots allover the area…in some places you can clearly notice they designed the floor to keep skaters away (concrete plates with gaps in between? c’mon…wasn’t it easier to just lay a whole layer of concrete on the floor?), but anywhow, I had lots of fun skating the outside floor of the old Pavilhão do Conhecimento (Knowledge Pavilion) and the Vodafone building…two places I would never imagine to lay my small wheels on.

I also visited the (mini) skatepark over there…I didn’t find it as good as I had heard, but it’s a reasonable spot with enough conditions to try out some serious stuff. I’m a lone wolf when it comes to skating, and I ain’t got no skills at all, so I ended up not trying the verts, mainly because of the crowd of skaters already using the place, but I decided I’m gonna go there at the break of dawn to enjoy the place just for myself.

I think I fell in love with the whole area of Parque das Nações yesterday…the little hills full of fresh grass and the Tejo river right in front of your eyes…very relaxing place. I hope to enjoy more of it in the near future. And I finally did some proper skating.

It’s cool to get home with that feeling of a well spent day.

And since I didn’t take any pictures, I leave you with an excert from Creature‘s Born Dead skate video that I watched over this weekend:

Full trailer here.

The Goodlife & Skateboarding

As you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit away from the blogging world this week.

The summer is definitely not a time to stay in front of a computer, and since my girl Katrien is visiting our country with her friend (and my new friend also) Kaatje, I took some time to chill and do some tourism.

So this is the goodlife, back in Óbidos, Peniche and Baleal:

And since I’m posting skate photos, I really need to tell you about the new edition of the Manka-te Tainha Zine.

This new number is really worth reading, even if you’re not into skateboarding at all! There is a big evolution in terms of contents, and the photography in there is just amazing…there’s an article about Cova do Vapor that really blew my mind, and a very complete trip report from the west coast of USA…really good stuff.

The guys from All Good Things Come in Pairs also wrote an article about sneakers, but I didn’t get to that one yet cause I’m really taking my time enjoying this #1.
Hope they keep improving the contents and bringing such good soulful writing…it’s different from everything else I ever read in the skate world, it has that street feeling, those portuguese bad jokes and that good and simple design..glad to know there’s so much creativity up in our skate scene.