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Colin Farrell Double Review

Recently, I managed to watch two films with Colin Farrell, and since none of them was surprisingly amazing, I decided to make small reviews and join them together on the same post. Enjoy:


Triage delivers an interesting perspective over the trials and tribulations of being a photojournalist.

It’s a totally character driven movie, where the historic background serves only to guide the audience into perceiving the mind of Mark Walsh (Colin Farrell), a man deeply scarred by the memories from the wars he has documented, and whose colleague is missing from their latest assignment.

Actually this is the best I’ve seen from Farrell ever since In Bruges, and one of his greatest performances from what I know, but the movie does not impress because it delivers almost nothing else besides that Walsh’s memories could have been more expanded, with more stories helping to build up for the cathartic ending…and the whole “triage” thing seems to go off way too easily in terms of plot development.

Overall the film is bit above average, but not premium material. Christopher Lee also does a nice job, but doesn’t drop the accent quite well, considering he’s playing a Spanish old guy.




Well, obviously the actor that catches all the attention in this film is the late Heath Ledger, and I must say that besides his amazing job playing Joker, this is probably the second time I really enjoyed his work on a film.
But the film isn’t really ’bout Ledger’s character (or Farrell’s, considering he plays the 3rd version of “Imaginarium Tony” and does the best job from all the 3), it’s about the fantastic story of Doctor Parnassus.

If it wasn’t for the lousy animated scenes, this movie would have impressed me a lot more, but still it delivers one of the characteristics I enjoy in this kind of films: the capacity to show imaginary sceneries and to take me out of ordinary reality and immerse me into this “fairy tale world”.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is competent, has a good cast (mainly Heath Ledger and Christopher Plummer), but again, not brilliant.