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This blog has been registering moments, opinions and important stuff for almost 2 years now.
Over that time it brought me joy, new aquiantances, new friends, motivation to write, and also problems. But I always considered it an important part of my daily routine, and I care for it with as much interest and professionalism as any personal project I bring to life.

Right now I truly feel I don’t have the time nor the energy to make justice to this little spot. Sometimes in life you gotta make choices, set priorites straight, and put good things to an end so that they don’t turn into rotten apples or some kind of burdens. Juicy Records right now is my main project, other projects are coming, my life is completely to define…so although I could always keep posting stuff over here randomly, like some reviews once in a while and videos and shit, I feel this blog deserves more than that average attention. And since I can’t deliver it, I’d rather just put it to sleep.

So today I announce that WALKtheWalk is on an hiatus.
I’m not calling it quits, cause I really think I can relight it someday, but I’m saying goodbye for now. Thank you so much to everyone who’s been following, commenting, showing me love…it has meant the world to me that people care to read what I had to say and show.
To all my fellow bloggers, don’t you dare stop posting cause I still read you whenever I get the chance.