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Da Mystery of Chessboxin’

“The game of chess is like a sword fight. You must think first, before you move.”

Today I woke up feeling like hearing this song on repeat. Everyone brings their A game on this track, but Ghost steals it all with his attacking style.

Juicy is doing good, the first release is coming out this week, lots of work but it feels good to do something you love.


Trivia #02

Both RZA and GZA are vegetarians.

Last trivia post people asked for proofs, well this time I bring you proof right here:

“We not only capturing a song, we capturing a moment, that’s a moment in History, and that’s what songs used to be.”

I’d pay really good money to see the 36 Chambers show, unfortunately not as much as required to go down to the US of A. Anyway the video speaks for itself and delivers good knowledge ’bout the Wu.

Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan

“Has general value thanks to the subjects but the presentation, structure and delivery is poor.”

I found this sentence on the title of a user review when I first looked up for this film at IMDB, and maybe I’m spoiling this review from start, but I basically agree with it.
Telling the story of the Wu-Tang on film should never be faced as an easy task. The key players and the main storyline is generally known, so something more needs to be delivered. Good footage needs to be shown, and faces need to appear on-screen, telling stuff from a real personal point of view.

When I first saw the trailer for this documentary, back in mid-2009, I really got the impression this would be the definite piece which would bring the elements mentioned on the above paragraph, showing the younger generations and the general public how these 9 cats revolutionized the music industry and managed to get the ultimate hustle out of the record companies, building a constant historic legacy.

But, unfortunately, Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan fails at delivering something consistent.

Focusing on telling the story of the Clan, it reaches this goal more with (nice) testimonials from record executives , managers, and Papa Wu than with spoken words from the 9 MC’s themselves. And then, in a very unstructured and kinda abrupt manner, the film suddenly turns into a memorial service for ODB, and sticks with the story of his later years until the end.
I mean, of course the death of ODB is important, of course this was one of the most charismatic rappers that ever lived, with “no father to his style”, and I personally consider him to be among the best MC’s of the Clan, but you can’t turn a documentary about the whole group into an almost personal view on this single member, concentrate  several minutes on an exclusive footage of a family reunion, and then forget all the recent records and achievements from all the other guys that are still alive.

This is not yet that definite piece that I thought it might be, and I hope that in the future a good director picks up the pieces and makes a documentary ’bout the Wu that is worthy to be mentioned in the legacy of the group. Still, it’s a good starting point for anyone who’s beginning to getting to know the music of the Wu-Tang Clan.



(New) Records of 2010

And after a topic ’bout the best of 2009, why not make another one ’bout the recent adds to my vinyl collection (I am now calling it a collection since it already passed the number 20 in terms of units and ’cause I really think of my records as precious and luxurious items).

To start this brand new year I got 3 new records, which is very uncommon considering my overall statistics of vynil acquisitions…I usually buy like 5 or 6 records per year, if that much.
One was a Christmas gift from myself, and the other 2 were gifts from the beautiful girl mentioned on the Free post (by the way, thanks to everyone that dropped a line on that post, I just wished that every review post or whatever had so many comments as that one ahah).

Nas – Illmatic
Over the past two years this one became my favorite hip-hop record of all time.
Had my eye on this for a long time and as soon as I got some extra money from Christmas I knew it had to go down like that. The first money ever that I spent on a hip-hop record (not counting the Dilated Peoples The Release Party DVD+CD), and it’s worth every cent.

Legend of the Wu-Tang – Wu-Tang Clan‘s Greatest Hits
A really great surprise.
Why is this release cool? First of all it’s Wu, on vinyl, which makes it instantly amazing. Then, it has some of my favorite Wu-Tang songs from all the main albums gathered in a single LP, and finally, it’s a double vinyl edition…you just keep changing the sides and the music just keeps on going and going! Love it.

Rise And Fall – Hellmouth (Limited Edition with all black cover, nothing to do with the picture above lol)
One of my favorite bands, and due to my beloved girlfriend this record also marks the start of my pursuit for the rest of their releases on vinyl. I’ve been wanting to track down their records for a long time, but I’m a pussy when it comes to buying stuff outside the EU, so my girl really was on the spot making me such a great surprise (another one, counting with the Wu-Tang record). Fat props to Bruno and PZ who got this one safely to my hands.

Wu-Tang Manual

If you’re a fan of the Wu, you gotta get this.

Written by RZA himself, this book explores diverse matters ’bout the group in a very simple and honest way. From their early years and the way they tried to combine different philosophies and skills from the 9 rappers, their uprising and spread in the American music industry, to content explanations of the most famous  lyrics and stories from live performances and recording sessions.
RZA tells us about his work process, how he produced the beats for the first album and how he “controlled” the group in the first years, asking them to commit to the project and working to combine the different members of the Clan in the tracks by understanding the different personalities and how their rhymes connected.

But more than a  book about the Wu-Tang Clan, this is a book about RZA’s vision of life itself. It’s much more introspective than I was expecting and delivers knowledge ’bout his youth years, ’bout how he discovered the whole Shaolin and Kung-Fu stuff…the guy literally talks about almost everything you can imagine that is related to Wu-Tang or himself, even chess techniques are explained and drug consume is brought down to a science.

This is a book full of knowledge, that I absolutely recommend to anyone that has had the slightest contact with the Wu-Tang Clan and has found them amusing by any reason. After reading this book you will understand why this is the most genius rap group that ever existed, and no, it’s not because they have the Genius (GZA).


Can It Be All So Simple

veggie dinners;





good movies.

Sometimes all we need is to get minimal, in order to understand how life is simple if enjoyed with the right people by our side.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Internet, I love you

Today I got delivered my first advanced birthday gift, entirely bought by myself with my new credit card:

I would like to thank Amazon and the Internet for making it so easy to get stuff for a bargain without even leaving my room.


P.S.: I know I said I was completely without money, but I can always dig into some savings for a special occasion, you know…and everyone is invited to my secret birthday party happening in a secret location uknown to all humanity at a selected holiday this week. Ahah.